It’s just a few days before Thanksgiving, and your kids haven’t done any crafts yet.

No cute Thanksgiving name cards for the table.

None of those paper weaved placemats we all made as kids.

But you still have enough time to make a Mickey Mouse Turkey Dish.

Thanksgiving Disney Craft, Christmas Disney Craft


Here are the supplies you need:

Christmas Disney Crafts

Again, not even kidding.

A serving dish – any size, color, shape – whatever works for you.

Permanent markers.

1. Trace your child’s hand on the dish with a black marker.

You’re going to outline his or her hand – warn your child. It’ll come off in a bath or two :)

2. Draw the features on your Mickey turkey – a nose, feathers, and of course – Mickey Mouse ears!

Can anyone guess why the ears are two sizes? There’s a good reason, says Jack! 

3. Flip your dish over and add a name and a year:

4. Bake your dish at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes, and then allow it to cool in the oven. Your dish will be handwash safe, not dishwasher safe – so make note.


This is a great craft for any holiday, and you can use any dish- a coffee cup for Dad, a cereal bowl for brother… the possibilities are endless!

We would love to see finished photos of your craft on our facebook page!

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