We heard about a fun treat coming to WATCHDisneyJunior.com this weekend and to Disney Junior in early 2014!

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

The show Sheriff Callie’s Wild West is about a lovable Calico cat sheriff who keeps the peace in her frontier town of Nice and Friendly Corners using her noodle lasso and cowgirl know-how. You can watch a fun clip of the show here.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West

Sweet Sassafras!  There’s a new sheriff in town!  On Sunday, November 24, Disney Junior will debut the animated series “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West!” Callie helps to teach her townsfolk the difference between right and wrong through songs and fun. The show talks about morals, manners and social ethics and is aimed towards kids ages 2-7.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West

The series will be available for verified viewers on WatchDisneyJunior.com and the WATCH Disney Junior app for smartphones and tablets beginning SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24 and will premiere on Disney Junior channels and programming blocks around the world in 2014.

To register for WatchDisneyJunior.com simply head over to the site and verify your cable provider. Currently, Comcast, Cox, DirecTV and Dish among other providers are participating. You’ll be able to stream Disney Junior shows onto your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from anywhere you have internet connection!

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