We aren’t able to make it out to Disneyland in time to get our hands on their amazing holiday treats this year, so we decided to attempt to recreate them at home instead!

I am surprising my 8 year-old with a special Mommy and Me trip to Disneyland and California Adventure on December 26th, but that’s one day too late to try the amazing holiday treats that Disneyland is famous for. I was watching Lisa Robertson’s video about Disneyland’s holiday treats and the adorable Mickey Mouse snowman marshmallow pops in the beginning of the video caught my eye:

I couldn’t bring myself to attempt the candy apples that Lisa gave directions for in her video because Michael couldn’t eat them with his braces. Marshmallows, however, are a little easier to clean out of brackets :)

Disneyland Holiday Treats

I found this cookie decorating kit at Target that had almost everything I needed for the marshmallow pops:

You’ll need:

Large Marshmallows – 3 for every pop you’ll make

Mini M&Ms or mini chocolate chips, if you’re not using a kit like I did.


A nose! Orange mini M&Ms, or edible markers might work in a pinch.

Lollipop sticks

White candy melts/chocolate chips

Milk candy melts/chocolate chips

Parchment Paper

Small bags/ties – optional

Mickey Mouse Snowman Marshmallow pops

1. Slide three marshmallows on to a lollipop stick.

Mickey Mouse Snowman Marshmallow pops

2. The marshmallow wands at Disneyland have caramel inside of them, but because of the braces (again), we skipped that step. You could easily drizzle some caramel on your pops at this point! For Step 2, we dipped mini-marshmallow pops in melted chocolate and adhered them to the top of our snowman pops. If I had it to do over again, I’d skip this step and add them after the snowman has been dipped in the white chocolate.

Disneyland marshmallow wands

3. Melt your white chocolate chips or candy melts in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring every 30 seconds. I used a spoon to help coat the marshmallows. After you’ve coated the marshmallows, let the chocolate dry a bit and stick mini-marshmallows on the top of the marshmallow pops – like Mickey ears! Lie flat on parchment paper, decorate with candy, and let dry.

Disneyland Marshmallow Pops

4. After you’re certain the marshmallows are securely dried on the snowman’s head, melt milk chocolate chips or candy melts in a small bowl. Carefully dip just the top of Mickey’s head into the chocolate. Allow extra chocolate to drip off (I used a butter knife to carefully pull the chocolate from between his ears), and set on parchment paper to dry.

Disneyland Snowman Pops

5. If you would like to put the pops in bags, let them dry for at least an hour before attempting that.

Disneyland Snowman Wands

We had a blast making them and the boys gave them two thumbs up! If you would like to reduce the sugar in these treats, you could easily use one marshmallow and call them Mickey heads!

Looking for a fun holiday gift idea? It’s not too late to buy a parkhopper ticket (good 1/7- 3/11) for 3 days at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure for $220, a savings of up to $30 per ticket! 

Merry Christmas,

Karen and Becca

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