We’re excited to bring you another great post from our contributor Vicki. Today she’s sharing ways to use Disneyland as a motivational tool!

 disneyland as motivational tool

Last fall I came home from a great vacation with an unwanted souvenir — knee tightness and pain. I hobbled around for a couple of weeks, hoping the swelling would magically go away on its own. What made me finally break down and call the physical therapist? The thought of not being able to walk comfortably on our Disneyland vacation, which was five months away at the time.

When the drills made me ache and the exercises got tedious, I persevered by focusing on walking down Main Street, pain-free. I thought about keeping up with my kids and not spending every night with an ice pack and ibuprofen. Thankfully my knee is stronger now. If I am careful, I should have a happily-ever-after vacation next month.

This experience got me thinking about the power of Disney as a tool to motivate you or someone else. Here are some examples of ways to use a Disney trip to keep your chin up through something difficult or give you the determination to make life changes:

Dragging your heels on potty training? If you’ve got a Disney vacation coming up, it might inspire you to power through the obstacles and get your child completely diaper-free before the trip.

Struggling to follow through on financial resolutions? Saving toward a Disney vacation can give you the confidence to work on other areas of your budget. If you sacrificed to go to Disneyland, what else could you find a way to sacrifice for?

Toughing it out through a traumatic personal event? If you’re trying to keep your head above water during family drama, medical problems, the busy season at work, or anything decidedly un-magical, having a Disney vacation on the horizon to can give you something to look forward to.

Kids are reluctant vegetable eaters or don’t want to drink their milk? Remind them how eating healthy food can get them closer to one of those magic height requirements, which allows them to ride something new on their next trip.

Trying to get in better shape? Much like my knee problem, the promise of walking more easily around Disneyland without wincing or wheezing can give you a goal to work toward. Many people run their first distance race at a Disney park because the location inspires them to train outside of their comfort zone.

Have you used a Disney trip as motivation?

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