Once upon a time — really just a summer ago — my brave family set out on an epic quest. We attempted to watch all 50 Disney animated movies before our fall trip to Walt Disney World. I was inspired by this video, produced by Disney just before Tangled was released.

The idea is not for the faint of heart — finishing all 50 movies took us about four months, playing 3-4 movies per week. Some films only the kids watched, some we made into family movie nights. Together, we screened movies I hadn’t seen since childhood; many my four children had never seen. Does anyone remember The Black Cauldron? How long has it been since you saw Saludos Amigos?

While you may not have the desire or stamina to tackle every Disney animated movie (now numbering 52 with Winnie the Pooh and Wreck-It-Ralph), you can create your own list and have fun rediscovering your favorites.

Your movie list could be made of:
1. Disney princess movies

2. Movies with boys as heroes, like Pinocchio, Aladdin, Treasure Planet, and Meet the Robinsons

3. Pixar movies

4. Movies that have an attraction at Disneyland (helpful before a trip to familiarize kids)

5. Movies you’ve never seen, especially the older films

6. Awesome villains — watch Frollo, Shan Yu, Malificent, Scar, and Ratigan chew the scenery

Your family could time the completion date to lead up to a new Disney release, or to count down to a Disney trip.

Some tips for a magical experience:
1. Use a search engine to find a list of Disney animated movies.

2. Print out your personal list to check off the movies as you watch them. Consider using pictures for younger children.

3. Be sure you can finish your list — Do you have enough time? Can you get all of the movies you want?

4. Locate the movies to view: Check your collection, friends and family, the library, or used bookstores like Bookmans.

5. When you complete your list, reward yourselves with a special treat!

Do you have any great ideas for a special list of Disney movies to watch with your family? Tell us in the comments!

Vikki was raised near Disneyland but settled in Mesa. She is always plotting her next Disney trip and slowly brainwashing her four children into loving a certain Mouse.

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  1. Hope at Disneyland says:

    My husband and I do Disney movie marathons often. We usually do them A-Z and include the direct-to-DVD sequels too. It takes us a good couple of months to get through them all because we also include some lesser known live action and barely seen shorts (like the Alice shorts). It’s a lot of fun. We also tend to do a meal to go with the movies. Most recently we re-watched Tangled and made Flynn Sliders with a side of Tangled Taters.

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